Protect Against Ransomware

Phalanx stops exfiltration ransomware and doxware in its tracks.  If an attacker transfers your data to a remote location, you can rest assured knowing they can't release your data.

Protect against extortion

It used to be good enough to back up your data to protect against ransomware.  With evolving styles of ransomware focused on extortion, encryption can help protect against it being stolen.

Exfiltration Ransomware

Trends in ransomware are showing more attacks are in the style of exfiltration ransomware, where the attacker transfers data to a remote location and exorts a ransom in exchange for not releasing the data.


Doxware is another similar type of ransomware. As in conventional ransom, ransomware takes a hostage (data, in the case of the malware), while exfiltration ransomware threatens harm of some sort if demands are unmet. In the case of doxware, the type of harm is specified: Exposure of personal data.

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What can Phalanx do?

Encrypted Files

Encryption provides mathematically proven security to your data.  Phalanx makes it easy with our automatic encryption feature that will ensure your data is secured without needing any action from your users.  Anyone without the proper access can't see what is contained in each file - even if they steal the file itself.

Reduce Risk

Good cybersecurity strategies focus on reducing as much risk while minimizing impact to operations. Phalanx provides an intuitive data-centric endpoint security platform that does both and is designed with your workflows in mind.  Users can operate securely with little impact to their daily operations while anyone with malicious intent has a high barrier to entry.

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