Remote & Hybrid Teams

Fast, efficient data sharing is not only a luxury, but can often be vital for environments that require quick, decisive actions. Our intuitive systems allow you to easily manage all the necessary components in a controlled manner, and can help you understand your information, fix discrepancies and consolidate records across systems.

Operate in a Secure Hybrid Work Environment

Security in any location

Your files stay secured no matter where you're located.  Whether you're connected to networks at your home, office, or local coffeeshop, Phalanx is able to keep data encrypted and safe from cybercriminals.

Easy Secure Sharing

With Phalanx you can easily share encrypted files across in the way you're already sharing files today.  Send files over email, the cloud, Slack, or any other method without worry.

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Enable the Zero Trust Architecture 

De-risk BYOD

Bring-Your-Own-Devices (BYOD) are a business enhancer so you should be able to leverage them without worrying about how much cyber risk you're introducing to your organization.  We bring Zero Trust down to the file level so you can be assured that your data stays secure.

More Granular Zero Trust

Zero Trust is an effective method to ensure data breaches are minimally damaging.  With Phalanx, employees can register, authenticate, and access their data safely and without putting the rest of your organization at risk.

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