Zero Trust Data Security for Endpoints & Edge Devices

Automate data security to mitigate data loss from breaches, insider threats, and accidental spillage.

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Imagine DLP, but Easy

Zero Trust Data Security

  • Minutes to Deploy

  • No Configuration Required

  • Secures All Data Regardless of Sensitivity

  • View How Much Data is Exposed at Any Given Time

  • Data is Encrypted Using Industry Standards

  • Data is Secure on Device, Only Authorized Users Can View Off Device

Data Loss Prevention (DLP)

  • Days to Deploy Across the Company

  • Hours to Configure

  • Requires Discovery and Classification

  • Unclear of Solution’s Effect on Cyber Risk Health

  • Data Is Not Always Encrypted

  • Data is Exposed on Device, Only Detects Egress Off Device

Phalanx provides a lightweight solution that not only keeps data secure, but allows for increased data sharing. By plugging into your current workflows, our auto-encryption system meets you where your tech stack is today.  

Change how you approach data security by making automated, encrypted file security the baseline standard.

Product Features


Never worry about having to go through all the steps of securing your files.  Security is our default so your files get automatically encrypted if they haven’t been touched over a preset amount of time.

Centralized Decrypt

You’ll be able to unlock your files easily with a single login that associates your files with your identity.  Enhance security even more with Multi-factor Authentication for especially sensitive documents.

Secure Transfer

You have an easy upload link that you can send to others that will encrypt your files as they come in and can be automatically dropped off in a cloud storage solution.

Why Phalanx

Use Cases

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Feel confident in your data’s security regardless of where you’re working.  Whether you’re in the office, at home, or any other location your data will stay secure.

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Receive data in a secure and easy manner.  You never have to worry about sensitive data accidentally residing in an email.



Add security to your most valuable asset - your data.  Phalanx fits in with existing cybersecurity solutions and enhances defense-in-depth strategies.