Data Security for Data Analytics

Phalanx provides frictionless data security to help you build trust with your customers and your workforce. Our seamless security platform ensures you can focus on data analytics without worrying about compromising data privacy.

Protect Your Most Valuable Asset: Data

Phalanx provides Role-based access control down to the data field level so that your organization's data is never left exposed and users are only able to see the information they need-to-know.  The number one problem today in data management practices is allowing users access to more information than they need, which ultimately allows hackers the ability to leak more data.

Secure Data Sharing

Data sharing is important and at the core of many business solutions. Fast, efficient data sharing are not only a luxury, but can often be vital for environment that require quick, decisive actions.  Phalanx provides a lightweight solution that not only keeps data secure, but allows for increased data sharing.

Zero-Trust Environment

When hackers breach your defenses they don't just sit on your network and endpoints, they steal your data. While any one user may never want to leak data, their account's access determines how much data is vulnerable.  Role-based access at the data field level protects everyone when you don't know where the attacker is lurking.


The number one issue with data management today is that users have access to too much information.  Role-based access at the system level protects the systems.  Role-based access at the data field level protects each component of the data.  

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Data Security for Today
Data Field-level Encryption
Protect All Data

Encrypts every data field since all data is important \\ Users can share as much data as they want - whoever they send it to can only see what they're supposed to \\ Data-at-rest is protected

Regulatory Compliance

Stay compliant with regulations such as HIPAA or GDPR by only allowing view access to fields that are not sensitive.

Reduce Attack Surface

Less exposed data reduces your attack surface significantly \\ Exploited accounts are less likely to leak massive amounts of data

How Does It Work?

Phalanx's system seamlessly integrates into your existing infrastructure to a provide minimally invasive and maximally secure solution.


Phalanx's platform encrypts your data-at-rest so that even if an attacker gets access to your system the data is safe.


Assign roles and permissions to individual fields within your data, or select preset defined roles to allow users to only see the part of the data that applies to them.


Phalanx has a diverse team with critical skills gained from experience as military veterans, cyber capability developers, space engineers, and cyber risk experts.  We synthesize this expertise to provide innovative technology that allows your data to run efficiently and secure.


Ian Y. Garrett

CEO and Co-founder

The best defense is a good offense - as former Army Cyber, Ian knows how to think and operate like the Hackers we protect against.  His real-world experience is paired with his doctoral research, wherein he extracts the latest innovations in cyber research and finds where it is vulnerable. His pioneering vision paired with his mastery in the art of cyber and the engineering of security make him uniquely suited for Phalanx.

Carl M. Kenney

COO and Co-founder

Carl is a leader first and a taskmaster always. Through his experience managing operations and logistics for large military organizations to advising senior government leaders on cyber risk strategy, you can count on him to understand your needs as a customer and ensure efficient execution of our services.

Austin Y. Garrett

CTO and Co-founder

Austin knows how to design, document, and implement small and large systems from his experience with working in the defense and space industries where he played critical roles in the development of software and systems. From hardware to software to high-level systems development, he has an in-depth understanding that will help bring visions to reality - he is the ultimate Full-Stack software engineer.

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