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Our system can be deployed in minutes and starts securing your data out-of-the-box. Its designed to work with your current workflows to meet you where your tech stack is today.
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Picture detailing how files are encrypted.
Work Seamlessly

Security that fits right into current user flows

Install our application, and Phalanx fits right into your user’s operating system. Secure any file directly in the right-click menu, or let our auto-encryption feature take care of it without any user input.

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You Choose What gets Encrypted

Secure a single file or and entire directory

You choose how you want to encrypt your documents. You can encrypt file by file, or encrypt entire drives or computers at a time. Phalanx let’s you decide how granualar you want to get with your encryption efforts.

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Completely Customizable

Tailor Phalanx to your team’s needs

Phalanx puts you in complete control of how your data is secured across all devices.. Decide what you want encrypted and how. Ensure that data sharing inside and outside your organization meets your standards.

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