How it Works

Our system can be deployed in minutes and starts securing your data out-of-the-box. Its designed to work with your current workflows to meet you where your tech stack is today.  Simply install our desktop application for seamless encryption, decryption, and data sharing permission settings.

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Convert to .phlx file

Encrypt on-demand with a right-click, or let our system auto-encrypt and convert your data into the .phlx format to ensure object-level owner control wherever its shared.


Secure a folder or drive

Enable maximum security wherever your documents live, whether a single folder or your entire computer.


Tailor to your needs

Take control when and where encryption occurs.  We make data sharing fast and efficient so you can make quick decision.


Easy Access

Log into your Phalanx account and have full access to your files.  Easily decrypt files you own, or that were shared with you.  

Never worry about remembering multiple passwords to encrypted files since its all centrally managed.  


Seamless Auto-Encryption

Take the decision of determining if a file is sensitive enough to require encryption with auto-encryption.  We encrypt files that haven't been touched over a set amount of time so that your data is secure while being minimally invasive to your workflow.


Secure Third-Party Transfers

Have a standardized, secure method to receive data.  Just send a link to the third-party and they'll upload the data that will be encrypted and dropped off in your cloud storage.