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Safe Data, No Hassle

Straightforward, powerful security for your business.  Blend into your daily work, and protect data quietly and efficiently, so you can focus on growth without worrying about cyber threats. Simple setup, serious protection—experience the ease of Phalanx MUZE.
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Work Seamlessly

Security that fits right into day-to-day activities

More security, same old interface. Install our application, and Phalanx fits right into your user’s current way of working. Securely access any file directly in the right-click menu, and let our auto-encryption take care of re-encrypting it without any user input.

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apply zero trust data access (ztda) per file

Increase visibility of your unstructured data

Unstructured data is often very difficult to track until now. Phalanx enables file-level visibility of unstructured data as it flows across your organization. Access all data via APIs to your SIEM, SOAR, EDR, and other tools, or use Phalanx's native dashboard and alerts. Greatly reduce the time it takes to determine data loss in the event of a breach and drastically reduce the cost associated with it.

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Completely Customizable

Tailor Phalanx to your team’s needs

Phalanx puts you in complete control of how your data is secured across all devices.. Decide what you want encrypted and how. Ensure that data sharing inside and outside your organization meets your standards.

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