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Simple Secure File Transfer

Phalanx's secure file sharing system enables employees to work with external parties across a variety of secure channels, including managed file transfer (MFT), virtual data rooms (VDR) using your existing cloud storage, collaboration, and SFTP. By leveraging a common, secure file sharing foundation with a single set of controls, governance policies, user management, and data source connectivity, this approach helps to reduce risk and cost while improving efficiency. Users can access the same folders, contents, and user permissions across all channels, streamlining their work and helping to reduce errors and improve business outcomes.
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Enhance Productivity and Safeguard Sensitive Data

Why We Protect Data

Enhancing productivity and safeguarding sensitive data are key for organizations of any size. By working more efficiently, employees can get more done in less time, ultimately helping you achieve your goals more quickly and with less stress. Protecting sensitive data is important because it helps to protect your privacy and the security of your information. If you have sensitive financial or personal information stored on your computer, you may be at risk of identity theft or other types of cyber crimes if that information is accessed by unauthorized individuals. By taking steps to enhance productivity and safeguard sensitive data, you can protect yourself and your information from potential threats.

How We Protect Data

• Offer a straightforward and private method for users to share sensitive information securely
• Enable designated business users to request files from external partners for compliant upload of sensitive content
• Allow designated business users to grant external parties access privileges to folders and individual files, such as view-only, download, and upload/edit
• Maximize productivity through tight integration with email, mobile, office, and enterprise apps
• Offer the same level of ease of use as consumer cloud file sharing apps

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Seamless Workflow Integrations for Effortless Online Collaboration

Why We Integrate to Collaborate

We provide seamless workflow integrations and effortless online collaboration because we believe that it is essential for businesses to have access to tools that allow them to collaborate easily and efficiently and securely. In today's fast-paced business environment, it is crucial for teams to be able to work together and share information seamlessly, regardless of location or time zone. By providing seamless workflow integrations and effortless online collaboration, we aim to help businesses streamline their processes, improve communication, and increase productivity. Seamless workflow integrations and effortless online collaboration help businesses to run more smoothly and effectively, and that is why we are committed to providing these valuable tools.

How We Integrate to Collaborate

• Collaborate with anyone, anywhere in the world, using tools like tracking, versioning, and search
• Access documents from any enterprise repository from any device with our seamless integrations to Microsoft OneDrive, Microsoft Teams, and Google GDrive
• Improve collaboration with email integration and shared folder collaboration
• Collaborate effectively and securely over email with our seamless integrations with Microsoft Outlook and Google Gmail
• Collaborate from any device by accessing documents from any enterprise repository

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Transform Your Existing Cloud Storage Into a Secure Virtual Data Room

Why We Use Existing Cloud Storage

Improve the security and confidentiality of your data using the environments you're already using. By enhancing cloud storage folders with features found in virtual data rooms, organizations can implement advanced security measures such as encryption and access controls to protect sensitive information. A virtual data room can also provide a more organized and efficient way to manage and share data, as it can be integrated with document management systems and other tools to facilitate collaboration and track activity. Transforming existing cloud storage into a secure virtual data room can help organizations improve the security, efficiency, and compliance of their data management processes without adding a new environment to their tech stack.

How We Use Existing Cloud Storage

• Implement advanced security measures such as two-factor authentication and content expiration to keep all stakeholders informed with the highest level of security.
• Use a secure virtual data room as a repository for M&A, fundraising, bankruptcy, litigation, and other sensitive processes.
• Enable seamless Microsoft or Google collaborative editing for streamlined data management.
• Set up need-to-know permissions and third party user identity expiration to ensure appropriate access to the data.
• Utilize an immutable audit trail and reporting and analytics tools to track changes and activity in the data room.

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Secure Data Access Tied to Identity

Why We Tie Identity to Access

Tying identity to secure data access is important because it helps ensure that only authorized individuals are able to access sensitive information. When an individual's identity is tied to their access, it becomes much more difficult for unauthorized individuals to gain access to the data. This is because the system can verify the individual's identity before granting access, using methods such as passwords, biometric authentication, or security tokens. This helps to protect the data from being accessed by those who do not have permission to view it, which is crucial in situations where the data is confidential or sensitive in nature. Additionally, tying identity to secure data access can also help organizations track and audit who is accessing the data, which can be useful for security and compliance purposes.

How We Tie Identity to Access

• Strong encryption both in transit and while at rest helps protect against malicious attacks and secure file sharing breaches
• Delegating authority to managers allows for the right balance between usability and security
• Control access, permissions, expiration, folder structure, locking, and versioning to prevent leaks and unauthorized access
• A range of deployment options including various AWS regions and GovCloud.
• Prevent leaks and breaches by carefully managing folder structure, access permissions, expiration, locking, and versioning

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Maintain Compliance with Comprehensive Data Visibility

Why We Provide Visibility

Maintaining compliance with comprehensive data visibility is important for a variety of reasons. Firstly, compliance with regulations and industry standards is crucial for ensuring the safety and integrity of a business or organization. By having total visibility into the data that is being collected, processed, and stored, a company can ensure that it is meeting all necessary compliance requirements and avoiding any potential legal or financial consequences. Additionally, having comprehensive data visibility allows a company to identify and address any issues or discrepancies that may arise, helping to maintain the quality and accuracy of the data. This is particularly important in industries where data is a critical asset, as even small errors or inconsistencies can have significant consequences. Overall, maintaining compliance through comprehensive data visibility is crucial for protecting a company's reputation, financial stability, and legal standing.

How We Provide Visibility

• Quickly and easily demonstrate compliance with secure file sharing for compliance such as CMMC, ITAR, HIPAA or GDPR, while enforcing data governance and compliance with total visibility.
• Maintain data quality, reduce storage costs, and identify outdated or unused folders and files with detailed usage statistics.
• Enforce compliance and data governance with detailed system logs, standard compliance reports, and our Phalanx MUZE dashboard that provides total visibility.
• Reduce storage costs and maintain data quality by using detailed usage statistics to identify outdated or unused folders and files, while demonstrating secure file sharing compliance such as CMMC, ITAR, HIPAA or GDPR.
• Quickly and easily demonstrate compliance with secure file sharing, while maintaining data quality and reducing storage costs through the use of detailed usage statistics to identify outdated or unused folders and files. Enforce compliance and data governance with total visibility through detailed system logs, standard compliance reports, and a our Phalanx MUZE dashboard.

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Securely Share Files Easily with Anyone

Inside Your Organization

Send encrypted files any way you do today: as an email attachment, over the cloud, or in a messenger. When both parties have Phalanx installed, encrypting is automatic and decrypting is a click away. 

Outside Your Organization

Easily send encrypted links instead of relying on risky email attachments. Take control over your data and only allow it to be access when you want it to instead of letting it sit in someone else’s email forever.

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How Phalanx can Help?

Seamless File Encryption

Phalanx automatically encrypts files across your device so you never need to worry about figuring out how to do it yourself. Phalanx manages all the keys so when it comes time to share files you never need to share a password, just drag-and-drop the file anywhere you normally would.

Easy Encrypted File Links

Right-click any file on your device to get a sharable link. In the background Phalanx encrypts the file, uploads it to the cloud, and manages access so you never need to worry about all the steps it normally takes to take control of your data.


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"Phalanx has significantly reduced the time that it takes for us to be able to construct a POC with our customers. As with any data relationship, sending data back and forth can either be problematic if you have to develop new API’s. Having the ability to use flat files with our customers who can simply create a folder in their choice of cloud storage where all files are automatically encrypted and delivered them to us seamlessly is a big plus. In addition, their system helps keep the data on all of our corporate laptops safe and secure!"
Robert J. Kirk
InterGen Data
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“Phalanx's design is very intuitive and requires almost no time to learn. Their combination of automation with data security solved our secure file handling challenge and significantly increased our security without needing us to spend extra time.”
Michael Princi
CerteVerus AI
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“We were looking for a data security tool that encrypted all local files, especially as more offices go virtual. With Phalanx, the security follows each file and allows you to be compliant anywhere. Phalanx is very flexible and modular and provides the functionality we were looking for.”
Evans Foster
Ingalls Information Security
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“With more stringent CUI requirement from the DoD, we had a major challenge finding simple secure file transfer solutions that also allowed us to stay compliant. Most potential solutions we researched were either too cumbersome or not practical to implement in our environment. Phalanx lets us easily exchange sensitive and CUI files without adding complexities while also providing automatic security for those files when they’re stored on our devices.”
Thomas G.
Chief Cybersecurity Architect
Dynamic Animation Systems
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