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Secure Your Data and Achieve CMMC Compliance

Protect your data and documents with Phalanx MUZE and be sure you're compliant with CMMC standards. Our comprehensive solution combines automation, identity, and encryption to provide unparalleled security and visibility for unstructured data. With Phalanx MUZE, you'll also be able to monitor risks, detect threats, and generate security reports in order to ensure you're always compliant.
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Security & Compliance

Risk Monitoring & Detection

Phalanx MUZE provides real-time monitoring and detection of security risks and potential threats to network security. The platform gives users the ability to detect malicious activities and unauthorized access to data, as well as detect the use of unauthorized devices. The platform also provides detailed reports and analysis of security threats which can be used to create and maintain effective security policies.

Security Audits & Reporting

Phalanx MUZE offers automated security audit and reporting capabilities that enable users to monitor and audit their systems, networks, and applications for compliance with CMMC. The platform also provides detailed reports that enable users to quickly identify potential vulnerabilities and track changes in security posture. Reports can also be used to support compliance activities with third-party providers and government agencies.

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Unlock the Benefits of Phalanx MUZE to Achieve CMMC Compliance


Phalanx MUZE provides automated security and compliance solutions to help you meet CMMC standards. It automates the monitoring and detection of malicious activity, as well as the reporting and auditing of security and compliance issues. This allows you to quickly identify and address potential security threats, while still maintaining compliance with CMMC standards.

Identity & Encryption

Phalanx MUZE uses advanced identity and encryption technology to secure unstructured data and documents. It ensures only authorized personnel can access sensitive data, and encrypts data in transit and at rest. This ensures that your data is secure, compliant, and private.

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Who can Phalanx Help?

Prime Contractors

Prime contractors are responsible for the CMMC compliance of their subcontractors, and that can be difficult to manage.  With Phalanx, prime contractors are able to not only ensure their sub-contractors are properly securing their data, but also have a way to incentivize secure file transfers between organizations.


Sub-contractors are more likely to be selected if they are already CMMC compliant.  Since the prime contractors are ultimately responsible, Phalanx allows for quicker due diligence between organizations by easing the CMMC process.

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What is CMMC all about?

Department of Defense (DoD) Contractors

CMMC applies to anyone in the Department of Defense (DoD) contract supply chain. These include contractors who engage directly with the Department of Defense and subcontractors contracting with primes to fulfill and/or execute those contracts.

Controlled Unclassified Information (CUI) Protection

CMMC is needed to improve and ensure the safeguarding of sensitive data, including Controlled Unclassified Information (CUI), which is sensitive data related to national security and defense that contractors are required to safeguard. Contractors dealing with CUI must be CMMC certified.


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"Phalanx has significantly reduced the time that it takes for us to be able to construct a POC with our customers. As with any data relationship, sending data back and forth can either be problematic if you have to develop new API’s. Having the ability to use flat files with our customers who can simply create a folder in their choice of cloud storage where all files are automatically encrypted and delivered them to us seamlessly is a big plus. In addition, their system helps keep the data on all of our corporate laptops safe and secure!"
Robert J. Kirk
InterGen Data
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“Phalanx's design is very intuitive and requires almost no time to learn. Their combination of automation with data security solved our secure file handling challenge and significantly increased our security without needing us to spend extra time.”
Michael Princi
CerteVerus AI
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“We were looking for a data security tool that encrypted all local files, especially as more offices go virtual. With Phalanx, the security follows each file and allows you to be compliant anywhere. Phalanx is very flexible and modular and provides the functionality we were looking for.”
Evans Foster
Ingalls Information Security
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“With more stringent CUI requirement from the DoD, we had a major challenge finding simple secure file transfer solutions that also allowed us to stay compliant. Most potential solutions we researched were either too cumbersome or not practical to implement in our environment. Phalanx lets us easily exchange sensitive and CUI files without adding complexities while also providing automatic security for those files when they’re stored on our devices.”
Thomas G.
Chief Cybersecurity Architect
Dynamic Animation Systems
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