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Automated Protection

Streamline Your Security with Effortless, Automated Encryption
In today's fast-paced business environment, ensuring continuous security without impacting productivity can be challenging. Phalanx's Automated Protection services address this challenge by integrating advanced encryption directly into your daily workflows. This seamless approach provides robust security for documents across various platforms, including endpoints and cloud services, without requiring additional steps from your team.

Automated Endpoint Document Encryption

Effortless Encryption for Endpoints

With Phalanx's Automated Endpoint Document Encryption, every file on your Windows or Mac devices is encrypted as soon as it's saved. This automated process runs quietly in the background, ensuring that your data is always protected without disrupting your workflow. Empower your team to focus on their tasks with the assurance that their data is secure.

Automated Google Drive Document Encryption

Automatic Protection for Your Google Drive Files

Phalanx enhances the security of your Google Drive by automatically encrypting documents upon upload. This integration not only protects new files but also secures existing documents stored in your drive. With automated encryption, you can maintain the collaborative benefits of Google Drive while enforcing stringent security measures.

Automated MS OneDrive Document Encryption

Seamless Encryption for OneDrive Documents

Automate the security of your OneDrive documents with Phalanx's encryption technology. This service ensures that every file uploaded to your OneDrive is encrypted automatically, providing a consistent layer of protection that operates transparently—allowing you to continue working without security interruptions.

Automated MS SharePoint Document Encryption

Enhanced Security for SharePoint Collaborations

Secure your SharePoint online environment automatically with Phalanx’s document encryption services. This solution encrypts files as they are uploaded to SharePoint, ensuring that sensitive data remains protected during storage and collaboration. Enhance your team's efficiency with secure, seamless document handling in SharePoint.

Automated Email Attachment Encryption Outlook

Protect Email Attachments Automatically in Outlook

Phalanx provides an automated solution for encrypting email attachments sent through Microsoft Outlook. This feature ensures that any sensitive information shared via email is protected from unauthorized access, helping you maintain privacy and compliance effortlessly.

Automated Email Attachment Encryption Gmail

Secure Your Gmail Attachments Automatically

Extend Phalanx's encryption capabilities to your Gmail communications with our automated email attachment encryption. This service automatically encrypts attachments as you send them, safeguarding your email communications against potential threats and ensuring your information stays confidential.


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"Phalanx has significantly reduced the time that it takes for us to be able to construct a POC with our customers. As with any data relationship, sending data back and forth can either be problematic if you have to develop new API’s. Having the ability to use flat files with our customers who can simply create a folder in their choice of cloud storage where all files are automatically encrypted and delivered them to us seamlessly is a big plus. In addition, their system helps keep the data on all of our corporate laptops safe and secure!"
Robert J. Kirk
InterGen Data
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“Phalanx's design is very intuitive and requires almost no time to learn. Their combination of automation with data security solved our secure file handling challenge and significantly increased our security without needing us to spend extra time.”
Michael Princi
CerteVerus AI
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“We were looking for a data security tool that encrypted all local files, especially as more offices go virtual. With Phalanx, the security follows each file and allows you to be compliant anywhere. Phalanx is very flexible and modular and provides the functionality we were looking for.”
Evans Foster
Ingalls Information Security
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“With more stringent CUI requirement from the DoD, we had a major challenge finding simple secure file transfer solutions that also allowed us to stay compliant. Most potential solutions we researched were either too cumbersome or not practical to implement in our environment. Phalanx lets us easily exchange sensitive and CUI files without adding complexities while also providing automatic security for those files when they’re stored on our devices.”
Thomas G.
Chief Cybersecurity Architect
Dynamic Animation Systems
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