August 24, 2021

InterGen Data, Inc. Chooses Phalanx Advanced Endpoint Security Platform for Secure File Transmission

InterGen Data, Inc. Chooses Phalanx Advanced Endpoint Security Platform to Secure Transmission of Data Files

Phalanx strives to provide easy-to-use endpoint security where it matters most - your data. We are thrilled to enable businesses like InterGen Data to operate efficiently without sacrificing their customers' data and privacy.

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We’d like to take this opportunity to give a huge thank you to InterGen Data for their Business wire press releaseshowcasing their use of Phalanx to provide better security and privacy protection for their customers.

About InterGen Data, Inc.

InterGen Data, Inc. (InterGen Data) was founded by the financial services industry veteran Robert J. Kirk in December 2017. InterGen Data is an award-winning Life Event Data as a Service provider that uses the latest in predictive modeling techniques and patent pending proprietary algorithms that identify when someone is likely to have an important life event occur, what that event could be, and how much of an economic impact that it would have on their financial journey. They supply this data to banks, financial services, and insurance companies.

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