January 16, 2023

Phalanx Featured in Startup To Follow

Phalanx Gets Featured in Startup To Follow

Phalanx, was recently featured in Startup To Follow in an article titled "Phalanx Conquers Human Error for a Cyber-Secure Future" for our innovative solution to human error that provides visibility in data access. In a world where data breaches are on the rise and remote work is becoming the norm Phalanx MUZE (Monitoring Unstructured Data with Zero Trust Encryption) is more important than ever.

How Does Phalanx Help?

Phalanx's solution combines automation, encryption, and identity to create a seamless data access experience that doesn't sacrifice productivity. Unlike other competitors in the space, Phalanx is designed to overlay on existing environments, ensuring there is no gap in protection.

Phalanx's solution, MUZE, consists of an endpoint and web application. The endpoint application and its integrations (Outlook/Gmail, OneDrive/SharePoint/Google Drive, MS Teams) work in the background to automatically encrypt data at the file level and enable secure, trackable sharing across each of those environments. This automated file-level security allows users to work securely without hindering productivity, doesn’t require users to learn new behaviors, and doesn’t require them to make security decisions.

The meta-data gathered from the endpoint application and integrations is then sent to the web application where security leaders and operators can view risk and understand all aspects of how their unstructured data is accessed and shared across the organization, regardless of location.

In the words of Phalanx CEO and Co-founder Ian Garrett, "Human-related issues are the leading cause of data breaches because perfect security would require people to focus on never making a mistake, which isn’t a reality. We founded Phalanx with a mission to enable businesses to operate in a quick, efficient way without sacrificing security, and without putting a burden on their employees. Our customers are astonished at how intuitive and simple we’ve made the platform, and we strive to continue evolving it to adapt to everyday workflows.”

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