January 26, 2023

Phalanx Joins Tampa Bay Wave 2023 CyberTech | X Accelerator

Phalanx Joins Tampa Bay Wave 2023 CyberTech | X Accelerator

Phalanx is excited to announce that it has been selected to join the Tampa Bay Wave's CyberTech | X 2023 Accelerator cohort. The accelerator, which is set to begin in March and run for three months, will offer mentoring from tech founders and cybersecurity industry giants, as well as providing sales training, pitch coaching, and introductions to investors.

Phalanx is honored to be among the 15 companies selected to participate in this prestigious program, which has been running for three years. The key funding partners supporting the program include A-LIGN, KnowBe4, and Ernst & Young, and strategic partners 360 Advanced and Bank of America.

As the President and Founder of Tampa Bay Wave, Linda Olson, stated in a press release,

"Florida's technology and startup ecosystems have been experiencing tremendous growth over the past five-10 years, including in sectors like cybersecurity."

With cybersecurity threats on the rise, programs like the CyberTech | X Accelerator can go a long way in addressing these growing security concerns, while showcasing Tampa Bay's tech and cybersecurity talent and helping advance Wave's mission to build Florida's innovation economy.

Phalanx is excited to be a part of this accelerator and looks forward to working with the other startups and industry leaders to take our cybersecurity solutions to the next level. At the end of the program on March 29, Phalanx will have the opportunity to pitch our company to accredited investors, venture capitalists, cybersecurity industry leaders, and other potential partners.

Stay tuned for updates on Phalanx's progress throughout the accelerator program and be sure to check out the official press release for more information.

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