September 29, 2022

Phalanx Selected as Finalist in TFX Capital's 6th Annual Veteran Startup Showcase

Phalanx provides security & visibility to data that resides outside databases (unstructured data) with Zero Trust Data Access (ZTDA). Human error paired with a lack of easy visibility to who is accessing what files across an organization exposes them to significant cyber risk and data loss. Phalanx combines automation, encryption, and identity for a seamless data access experience designed for users without sacrificing productivity.

We’re thrilled to see we’ve been selected as a Finalist in TFX Capital's 6th Annual Veteran Startup Showcase.

A huge thank you, and good luck!

We’d like to take this opportunity to give a huge thank you to TFX Capital and the judges for the opportunity to pitch Phalanx and congratulate the other brilliant companies against who we'll be competing.

A little about TFX Capital

Our purpose is to accelerate the success of accomplished former military and national security leaders in order to deliver investor returns, develop teams, and grow a value-added network.

We believe in improving the world around us through investing in service driven, high-performing and commercially tested military and national security veteran entrepreneurs. We invest in these founders based on character and grit, and we provide value to them because we know them – we’re service driven veteran founders ourselves.

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