November 9, 2022

What is Phalanx Zero Trust Data Access (ZTDA) in 90 Seconds

What is Phalanx Zero Trust Data Access (ZTDA)? in 90 Seconds

Watch our 90-second explainer video here.

Welcome to Phalanx, where we tackle the biggest problem in data security: human error. 

What are the key benefits of Phalanx’s approach to Zero Trust Data Access (ZTDA)?

  • Capture Cyber Risk and View in a Single Location
  • Automatic Encryption of Unstructured Data
  • Easy Secure File Transfers
  • Overlays on Current Tech Stack

Having a secure and compliant organization no longer needs to be a struggle between security requirements and everyday tasks. Know your cyber risk, encrypt all of your data, and transfer that data, all while giving your users seamless access using the actions they’re already taking and the technology they’re already using today.

What kind of organizations can benefit from Phalanx?

  • Single Users, Small Teams/Departments, or Entire Companies
  • Designed to be transparent to the user

Whether you’re a team of one or thousands you have data that needs protecting, but not the time to make sure it does.  That’s where we come in. Phalanx automatically encrypts all of your files so that you don’t have to. All you need to know how to do is double-click or right-click the files - something you’re already familiar with. 

How does Phalanx make secure file transfers easier?

  • Send any way you want: email attachments or secure links
  • Recieve with your own personal secure link
  • All files are individually encrypted before/after the transfer
  • Key and password management is behind the scenes

Once we’ve automatically encrypted your files, you can send them any way you want: email, a messenger, a cloud drive, or any other way. No need to worry about if the files are protected, or how to send the person a password or key: we handle all of that for you.

Does Phalanx help with Compliance and Risk?

  • Capture the cyber risk exposure of your files and unstructured data
  • Easily export results for compliance reports
  • Have visibility of data access across the organization, regardless of user location

What if you need to know your organization’s cyber risk? We got you covered there too.  Manage all the users in your organization and see how exposed you are so you can easily stay compliant. No longer worry about if everyone is making the right decisions since Phalnanx is handling it all automatically behind the scenes.

Where can I use Phalanx?

  • Licenses are per user so if you have multiple devices it all counts as one
  • Phalanx is designed to be used on any device where files and unstructured data is located
  • Enable remote workers to operate securely

Work from your home, office, or workcation with the confidence that your data is secure. Phalanx pairs our firsthand security experience with automation for seamless zero trust data security designed for users without sacrificing productivity.

What are next steps to get started with Phalanx?

We would love to learn more about your challenges with data security and if Phalanx is the right fit for you. Schedule a Demo today to learn more about Phalanx or reach out at for answers to your questions.

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