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Data Landscape

Empowering Data-Driven Security Insights and Actions
Understanding and managing your data landscape is key to reinforcing your cybersecurity posture. Phalanx provides advanced tools that not only help you assess the security of your data but also offer actionable insights to mitigate risks. From cyber risk scores to geographical data access maps, our solutions are designed to give you a comprehensive view of your data's security status and the tools to enhance it.

Cyber Risk Score

Assess Your Cybersecurity Strength

Phalanx’s Cyber Risk Score provides a quantifiable measure of your organization's current cybersecurity strength. This dynamic scoring system evaluates various aspects of your security infrastructure and practices, delivering insights that help you understand your vulnerabilities and strengths. Make informed decisions about where to focus your security efforts to maximize protection.

Cyber Risk Remediation Actions

Actionable Steps for Enhanced Security

Based on your Cyber Risk Score, Phalanx offers tailored Cyber Risk Remediation Actions. These actionable steps are designed to specifically address the vulnerabilities identified in your assessment. By following these guided recommendations, you can systematically enhance your security posture, reduce risk, and ensure continuous improvement in your cybersecurity defenses.

Geographical Data Access Datamap

Visualize Access Patterns Geographically

Phalanx’s Geographical Data Access Datamap allows you to visualize where your data is being accessed from, helping you to identify unusual or unauthorized access patterns. This tool is invaluable for businesses operating in multiple regions or those who employ remote teams, providing a clear visual representation of data flows and access points across the globe.

Data Visualization Across Endpoints

Comprehensive Data Security Visualization

Gain a complete overview of your data security across all endpoints with Phalanx’s Data Visualization tools. These powerful visual aids help you see the full scope of your data protection efforts, from endpoint security to cloud storage defenses. Understanding these elements in a visual format aids in quick decision-making and effective management of your cybersecurity strategies.


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"Phalanx has significantly reduced the time that it takes for us to be able to construct a POC with our customers. As with any data relationship, sending data back and forth can either be problematic if you have to develop new API’s. Having the ability to use flat files with our customers who can simply create a folder in their choice of cloud storage where all files are automatically encrypted and delivered them to us seamlessly is a big plus. In addition, their system helps keep the data on all of our corporate laptops safe and secure!"
Robert J. Kirk
InterGen Data
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“Phalanx's design is very intuitive and requires almost no time to learn. Their combination of automation with data security solved our secure file handling challenge and significantly increased our security without needing us to spend extra time.”
Michael Princi
CerteVerus AI
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“We were looking for a data security tool that encrypted all local files, especially as more offices go virtual. With Phalanx, the security follows each file and allows you to be compliant anywhere. Phalanx is very flexible and modular and provides the functionality we were looking for.”
Evans Foster
Ingalls Information Security
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“With more stringent CUI requirement from the DoD, we had a major challenge finding simple secure file transfer solutions that also allowed us to stay compliant. Most potential solutions we researched were either too cumbersome or not practical to implement in our environment. Phalanx lets us easily exchange sensitive and CUI files without adding complexities while also providing automatic security for those files when they’re stored on our devices.”
Thomas G.
Chief Cybersecurity Architect
Dynamic Animation Systems
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